Disquette Guest mix for Micropop

Here is my disquette for Micropop records
This is the trip:
Six song for a 30 minute mix with sound we don’t use to play in club or to ear in bar…with a little speech presenting each song.
Here it is:

This « floppy disk » is made up on the red wire of the voices present on the album “Swallowing up” of Francis Dhomont, a true adventure bruitist, an experiment of poetry. The voices are selected in order to bind musics between them as in the work of Dhommont, philosophical thoughts and musics being defined and changing mutually. Taken in this direction the mix is also the course a meditative delirium: that of the philosophical blues.
At the beginning, there was Plato… ; -) and this first piece of Roland Bocquet: “Exotic”.
In the luxuriant environment of the first synthetizers, this title of 1977, knew to have been remixed by Ame, develops  a synthetic tropical imaginary  with tireless LFO filters.
One remains accompanied by tropical birds, but resulting from a quite real recording and strongly proposed in this piece: “What cares paradise” of Mike Cooper, enquiring eternal of new sonorities. Hypnosis will gain us with his lancinating guitar almost runny.
We shall then be seduce by this extract of a 1995 album by Nurse With Wound: “Yagga Blues”; the tribal, but experimental tones will take us in the whirlwind of a memory both women, land and sea; like a priestess invitation to dissolution.
Dissolute, we will be able to sink in the reassuring pad and the mystical voices of Nuno Canavarro on the title “Bruma”: lost, but reassured, we will be like feathers in freefall.
But the rise begins again by a new interrogation and starts with the title “Ancient evening” of David Sylvian on the album “Words With The Shaman” released in 1985.
Whereas electronics and mysterious Gescom with the title “Cicada” absorb it little by little in its Cyberpunk atmosphere. This collective of the shade, anonymous and moving, express itslef since the beginning as of years 1990.
The latter soon give way to the moving title  » Ident  » of Forward Strategy Group which confirms us that those who knock most hardly can also be the softest and the warmest.

Hope you enjoyed

With heart, Youpidou

Specials thanks to Scottish mixes and digs kings : Stewart Brown with Rhythmachine, Fergus Clark and the mighty JD Twitch

You can find everything you want to know about Micropop records at http://www.micropoprecords.com/

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