Youpidou is an electronics composer who’s back to his first dream (music making) after a long philosophy night. He like to live life has interpretation and enjoy every second of making music, like when he was 6 years old.

He does a wonky music with a particular style of experimentating sounds, from hard techno to ambient synth and poesie. He like to think about music and in coalition with composing. He like science-fiction, afro-futurisme, philosophy. It gives to his music this way to be not so sad not so happy, trying to reach something like a tragic and joyfull feeling, or to express something particular and sensible behind any conception or values.

He done an early collaboration with Helium Robots after only one years of composing again, linking the thematic of the dream to the thematic of the machine.

He enjoy to hear and select music from all stream and to mix it sometimes, he share his unmixed selection on radio campus local 90.8 fm.

His inspirations goes from the wonders of Laurent Garnier which he was a early listener to the mighty Theo Parrish passing by Dead can Dance or FSOL. He is not insensible to the sweetness and ether of Air or Four tet and adore the brilliant melodie of Terry Riley. As he like to dream of tropics, Youpidou is very open to the global bass scene.

He like any kind of music which can enhance life with subtility… Music is a dream machine.

Youpidou lives in an arab warehouse between the national contemporary art galery and harcore bass addict club.

Night bird

Standing on a wire; on the borders of communities. Searching for the IT to come in order to begin the ceremony.

Rave on!